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Sherley Family
Honor Virtutis Praemium - Honor is the reward of virtue.

About Us

Most genealogy websites group the Sherley branch with the Shirley Family, if they even bother to mention them at all. This website was created to try and trace the Sherley family tree from present day back to where it broke off from the original Shirley branch.

The information found on this website is a collection of data that relates to the history of the Sherley name and has been derived from a number of different sources. When known, the source has been listed at the bottom of the page.

My uncle, Jim Sherley, started putting together the Sherley Family tree in 1988, but due to health issues, he was never able to complete it. The data that he collected has allowed me to gather additional information for use on this site.

Here is a copy of the letter that he sent to me on Feb 28th, 1988, Uncle Jim's Letter.